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3 years ago

[S2E3] Let It Go by Stephanie Shirley

The memoir of a pioneering female entrepreneur.

Stephanie Shirley has been a pioneer all of her life. After coming to England as a child refugee from Nazi Germany, she started one of the first software consulting firms, Freelance Programmers. But it was first in a number of other ways too. It was almost entirely run by women, despite discrimination against women in the technology industry. Its business model, employing women in their free time to do programming tasks, was a predecessor to today's "gig economy." In her memoir, Let It Go, Shirley not only recounts her entrepreneurship journey, but also her concurrent personal struggles including bringing up her child with severe developmental difficulties. Shirley went on to become one of the leading figures in philanthropy in Britain. Shirley concludes her memoir by explaining her philanthropic philosophy and the strategies that have tied her many successes together. In this episode, we discuss this raw, honest, and profound memoir.

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