Business Books & Co.
A monthly in-depth discussion of a popular business book.
[S2E6] Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

The early years of Nike.

[S2E5] No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention

A Deep Dive into Netflix's Corporate Culture

[S2E4] Tape Sucks

Inside Data Domain, A Silicon Valley Growth Story

[S2E3] Let It Go by Stephanie Shirley

The memoir of a pioneering female entrepreneur.

[S2E2] Creativity Inc.

Pixar's Ed Catmull on Managing Creatives

[S2E1] The Power of Broke

Daymond John on creating something out of nothing.

[S1E14] Season 1 Recap

The best and worst books we read the last year.

[S1E13] Only the Paranoid Survive

Andy Grove on Strategic Inflection Points

[S1E12] Zero to One

Peter Thiel on startups.

[S1E11] Iacocca: An Autobiography

Ford, Chrysler, and government bailouts!

[S1E10] The Ride of a Lifetime

Bob Iger's journey at Disney

[S1E9] Coronavirus Special Episode

The unprecedented viral crisis

[S1E8] Founders at Work

Stories of Startups' Early Days

[S1E7] Setting the Table

Danny Meyer's story of building a restaurant empire

[S1E6] Ogilvy on Advertising

Advertising Advice from an Industry Legend

[S1E5] Hackers & Painters

Big Ideas from the Computer Age

[S1E4] Made in Japan: Akio Morita and Sony

Sony Co-founder Akio Morita's wide-ranging autobiography

[S1E3] Trillion Dollar Coach

The Leadership Playbook of Silicon Valley's Bill Campbell

[S1E2] Ross Perot: My Life & The Principles for Success

Ross Perot's guide to doing well in business.

[S1E1] High Output Management

Andy Grove's extraordinary insight and wealth of knowledge in just 235 pages.