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4 years ago

[S1E2] Ross Perot: My Life & The Principles for Success

Ross Perot's guide to doing well in business.

2. Ross Perot: My Life & The Principles for Success

This 1996 pseudo-autobiography was written by Ross Perot during his second presidential campaign, but you won't find any politics within it. Although it's clearly written through a "please the public" lens, the focus of this book is Perot's business career. The first half tells Perot's life story through the founding of his company EDS. The second half outlines general principles for success in business.

In this episode we discuss the book's highlights, its most important takeaways for a business career, and areas where it fell short. We dedicate this episode to the memory of Ross Perot, who sadly passed away last month (July, 2019). Next month, we'll be reading Trillion Dollar Coach: The Leadership Playbook of Silicon Valley's Bill Campbell.

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